Fedor Lammers

Content Reimagined

Produces high level video programs.

Made with passion and with a lasting impression. Based on data we obtain every day. Designed to reach, energize and touch. Let people make choices that go beyond.


On our own channels and those of strong sustainable brands. For 40.000+ followers, 5.000.000+ views in total and increasing every month 100.000+ new views.

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We believe in driving together. Reaching our destination step by step with beautiful brands.

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Develop, presents and produces together with a team that is always searching for the next level.

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Our Showroom.

Meet our created projects.

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For people and environment.
We love to collaborate with sustainable brands that make a difference. We do this by asking about the dreams of the brand. The result is some next level video programs, content, education video’s, live events and campaigns.
We work with you. Not for you.

We work with you. Not for you.

Value, personal and a sense of humor.
Everything we do is based on data. We steer on the experience of what works and what doesn't. In this way we drive together straight to the finish line, with only one goal, to be 1st.

Let's work together.

We are always searching for the next level. Are you the brand or person that becomes part of this?